Demon Slayer Role Swap Au React || (1/2) || KNY || Demon Slayer || (Kinda my Au?) || Izumi-Sensei

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So in my Au here Nezuko and Tanjiro swap role right and Inosuke and Zenitsu swap role but in my Au Nezuko is the main character here but Zenitsu of course still has thunder and Inosuke don't wear Boar head✨????











Hi guys Welcome to my Description????✨

More Info's about this video ????

Apps used????

Gacha Club



Ibispaint x

???? Characters used ????

✔️Role Swap Au Nezuko

✔️Role Swap Au Tanjiro

✔️Role swap Au Zenitsu

✔️Role Swap Au Inosuke

Ships in this video????✨




Please if you don't like the ships kindly respect it we have different opinions/ships and this is my ship so pls respect it????

Please ???? don't steal ❌ my videos beacuse I worked so hard on it????

And If you guys saw someone steal/reposted my video pls tell me immediately or pls report them

Thank you so much ????????for taking your time ⌚ on reading this and Watching my videos????✨
Demons Souls
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