Dauntless Slayers Path - What Every Node Does

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►The core of the progression rework is Slayers Path. Whether you're a noob or veteran the it will be important to know how this works. It's a litty looking map of sorts showing progression at a glance but today we're taking a deeper dive into the rewards you can unlock on the slayers path.

0:00 Intro
1:16 Hunter Crafter
2:34 Slayers Armor
4:06 Forge & Formula
5:28 Light the Way
7:05 Elemental Mastery
8:20 Dread Cells
8:40 Slayers Science
9:08 Edge of Isles
9:22 Witness the Sands
10:09 Reforged
10:56 Reforging

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Music & SFX are from Epidemic Sound (Outro is dauntless flute emote)

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