Dauntless Reforged - Good Weapons to Power Surge - Beginner Weapon Guide - Dauntless Patch 1.5.0

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►Gear changes, Reforging, Power Surging and how it all works is what this video will hopefully explain. As well as a strategy I'd imploy if you're trying to save some precious aetherhearts for a little while. Dauntless Gear Guide 2020

0:00 Unlocking Weapon Crafting
1:59 How to get Aether Hearts
2:14 Reforging
2:58 Weapon Skill lvl effects Power Rating
3:57 Power Surging Explained
6:27 Pro Tips for Power Surge
7:34 What I'd Surge First
8:19 Wink Wink

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Music & SFX are from Epidemic Sound (Outro is dauntless flute emote)

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