Conqueror's Blade - Guided Gameplay - Lots of Pointy Sticks

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Do you like pointy sticks? Do you like REEEEALLY long pointy sticks? Well boy oh boy have I got the game for you. We have little pointy sticks and big pointy sticks, all the good stuff. Brace and stick 'em with the pointy end for fun and profit!

Be real nice to see you in the discord server if you have questions you want to talk about or want to tee up some games, I do play with subs from the channel in the server and you can find it here:

When purchasing packs from the store, use code: "KNIGHTSTALKER" to get your special CC starter packs and unit attire kits :)

T-shirt shop here:

Doctrine Info Spreadsheet Tool:

00:00 Intro
00:05 Match intro and unit selection
01:12 Battle start - Martellalori / Martellatori
03:14 Stalwarts / Loyal Guard
08:03 Fortebraccio Pikemen / Pikes
11:49 End of game discussion

Season 7 Longsword and Shield
God of War
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