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Boost your productivity with the Erlang Language Server
Roberto Aloi

Implementing features such as auto-complete or go-to-definition for a programming language is not trivial. Traditionally, this work had to be repeated for each development tool and it required a mix of expertise in both the targeted programming language and the programming language internally used by the development tool of choice.

A brilliant intuition, the "Language Server Protocol" (LSP), changes the rules of the game. A real blessing for the Erlang community.

Clarify what a language server is
Present the challenges around implementing a language server
Discuss the Erlang LS architecture
Get users!
Get contributors!
Inspire the Erlang Community to create tools

Anyone who feels the Erlang Community is lacking tools and IDEs
Developers who want to boost their Erlang productivity
People who want to understand more about language servers
Authors of tools which they believe should be utilized more by the Erlang Community


THE SPEAKER - Roberto Aloi

Passionate about Erlang and property-based testing, Roberto has been working with Erlang technologies since 2007. Sicilian by origin, he is now based in Stockholm where he works as a software engineer at Klarna, providing a smooth purchasing experience to 85 million consumers from 205,000 stores in 17 markets.

The original author of in a world where Docker containers did not exist yet, Roberto is now working on an Erlang Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementation in his not-so-copious spare time.


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