ASMR - Hearing Test

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Please use your headphones to get the best experience from this video.

Disclaimer: This is an ASMR video solely made to help you relax and unwind. I am not a medical professional, please get in touch with one if you need to have your hearing checked.

Hi everyone!

In today’s video, you are having a hearing test ???? The last one I did in English was about a year ago, so I thought I would make a remake as you seem to have really enjoyed the first one!
The ASMR triggers you will encounter are: soft-spoken voice, whispers, writing sounds, personal attention, soft music and multi-directional sounds.

Here is the link to the previous hearing test video:
And here is the link to the latest hearing test video in French:

0:00 : Questionnaire
5:15 : Test n°1 - testing out high and low frequencies sounds
8:08 : Test n°2 - left side or right side
11:50 : Test n°3 - when can you hear the sound
16:00 : Test n°4 - when can you no longer hear the sound
19:10 : Test n°5 - Repeat the word
24:18 : Test n°6 - Repeat the word (with background sounds)
29:10 : Outro

Regarding the background sounds during Test n°6, you can hear "Distant bird and wind 1 hour by ZenCatto", "Bubbles medium 2" on loop from , and "Djupalonssandur beach waves" by Tim Kahn on

The other different sounds were designed by my partner.

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Thank you for watching the video and for reading the description! Take care,
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