Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Build PERFECT SNOWBOY EVERY TIME (ACNH Trick & Easy Method)

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A guide to make a perfect Snowboy / Snowman character in Animal Crossing New Horizons ☃️
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Today we take a look at the latest seasonal update in Animal Crossing New Horizons as we recap some of the new features coming to the game as early as tomorrow.
Many players will finally experience heavy snow-showers and see snow settle on their Islands for the first time. This brings with it some new crafting material, snowballs and a new snowman character.
Using the Snowballs, you can create and build a Snowboy.
Snowboy is a charming special character that knows a lot about crafting during the Winter and if built correctly will reward players with large Snowflakes and DIY Recipes.
Today we breakdown every step you need to take to make a Perfect Snowboy every time, without fail to maximise your rewards.
These Snowboys only last for 4 days until they melt away. Do you have any space on your Island to build Snowboys? Let us know ????

00:00 - Opening
00:21 - Introduction
01:10 - Creating a Snowboy
01:44 - Snowboy/Snowball information
03:17 - How to build a perfect Snowboy
04:27 - Alternative way to make a Perfect Snowboy
04:55 - Things you should know/Conclusion
06:03 - Outro

Today's word of the day ????????????... "PATH", because it's a super awesome trick and I think everyone needs to know about it so they can easily make Perfect Snowboys.
So if you read this far in the description, please post "PATH" in the comments, just to let me know ❤️

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