Animal Crossing New Horizons: EXCLUSIVE JULY ITEMS REVEALED (ACNH Seasonal Celebrations & Details)

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A guide to the latest ACNH Changes in July & new limited-time items
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Today we take a look at the latest exclusive and limited-time items to arrive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
All of these items will become available throughout the month of July, and can be used to celebrate their corresponding real-world events.
Some of these Seasonal Items are returning from last year, so have been available in the past, whilst others are brand new, and still time-locked until later in the month.
We highlight all of these celebrations, along with the items and any variants that are available. When possible we also take a look at how these holidays played out in previous games.
As things stand these are the last items to be added or returned to New Horizons, so hopefully we'll see an update to the game soon.
When do you think we'll see an update? Let us know ????

► 00:00 Opening / Intro
► 00:21 Seasonal Celebrations Recap
► 01:20 ACNH Tanabata
► 02:35 ACNH Marine Day
► 03:29 ACNH Le 14 Juillet
► 04:22 ACNH Cowboy Festival
► 05:21 Conclusion
► 05:58 Support / Outro

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