Adventures of Captain Octavious VII ☆ The Izakaya

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Logs of Captain Octavius VII:

Day 78: "On a recent exploration, I discovered a local restaurant. The chef first served a small appetizer course, mostly of Orbs of Golden Crunch. I left to go to the washroom, and returned to find a feast laid out before me. It included one of my favourite new foods, the Bitter Smooth Ball. I became quite intoxicated on the local juice. It was served out of a box, and they added a decorative layer of white foam on top.

The food and drink was stronger than that on our home planet, and I became quite rowdy. At one point, I think I was singing on the table and eating Blackpeel Fruit. I also recall knocking my food over, as well as a decorative statue of a small grey bean animal holding a leaf.

It was nice to relax, I felt quite safe. I recommend this restaurant to all travelling to Planet 416. As I sobered up, I offered to clean, making sure to collect all the delicious Orbs of Golden Crunch that had rolled away during my shenanigans."

New Notes on Food Discovered:

-Yellow juice (fermented?) with decorative white foam (intoxicating effects include singing, balance loss, and hunger)

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