Adopt Me Trading Proofs Video | How to rebuild Roblox after getting hacked!! Neon ???? ???? ????

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Hey Everybody,
Today, I'm gonna be doing a trading proofs video. It's gonna be a really fun time! I traded a Neon Kangaroo ???? for Neon snow Owl ???? adds pretty good, pretty good. That was really fast. You might be thinking you're so over for that Neon crocodile ????.. The crocodile's name is Fetta, and I just loved Fetta's name doesn't look like Fetta is finished cheese green. I really like a neon unicorn. So I thought it was a win, all-around smiles. Then I made this trade for this Neon Robo Dog. Like, I really liked the golden ladybugs. I think they're really pretty. I think they're amazing. So I wanted to record this because I thought this is so cool.
Well, I wanted to give a neon koala because I feel like neon koalas will go up in worth because they're out of the game. So yeah, onto the next tour.
I traded for the neon llama, and I really like neon llamas, and oh my gosh, the neon llamas are so cute. But this is what I added after. I don't know if I was over, and I'm pretty sure I was, but that's okay because I really like llamas, and I think they're adorable. I think llamas are underrated.
This has been a great video! It's been it's been fun. Thank you all so much for watching this video!
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Have a great day, and yeah, goodbye everyone.
Ciao, ciao!
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The first-time viewers of my Roblox Channel, my name is Lavender. I make entertaining videos. I get emotional about trading in adopt-me because I want fair trades, but sometimes the scammers are there. My favorite thing to do with my friends is role-playing Roblox.
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