Adley plays SPiDER GiRL in Roblox to Rescue Dad!! Pirate Ship Battle game! Adley’s App Review pt 1

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I show Dad how to be a game master in the Roblox World!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today I'm showing you one of my favorite things to do right now!! ROBLOX!! I've been playing it since our last Roblox video and I thought it was a good idea if we did another one!! My dad and I play almost every day!! It's like a mini surprise daddy-daughter date every night before bed and now it's a part of our nightly routine!! There are so many new games in Roblox I love playing and I wanted to show you! Like obstacle courses ( obbys ), don't touch the button, spiderman and spider girl, ride the elevator, hide n seek, pet show, pirate dad battle, and sneak around the bank!! If you hadn't noticed already, this is a Part 1!! So be ready for a Part 2 coming soon!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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